R&R-Hold That Scene (R&R-HTS) is privately owned and operated, and is not affiliated with any law enforcement agency. The owners of R&R-HTS were previously partners while assigned to the Crime Scene Unit of the NYPD. We recognized that the experience we have in Law Enforcement, Military, Fire Service, and Emergency Medical Service would be useful to others. Whether we are providing equipment and materials, or training others, we can help.

Because of these varied experiences, R&R-HTS has the unique ability to assist agencies or individuals to be more effective, safer, and better equipped in their careers and beyond.


Robert Bilella

Vice President

Experience includes:

- Detective investigator (NYPD) (Retired)

Assignd to Queens North Evidence Collection and the Crime Scene Unit 

- Promoted to Sergeant (NYPD) (Retired)

​- NYS Supreme Court testimonial expert

- Firefighter; West Islip, NY

- New York State recognized Fire Chief

​- Certified Emergency Medical Technician

Robert Saenz


Experience includes:

- Currently a NYS Licensed Private Investigator

- Detective investigator, (NYPD) (Retired)

Assigned to Brooklyn North Narcotics and the Crime Scene Unit  

- NYS Supreme Court testimonial expert

- Firefighter; West Islip, NY

- New York State certified safety officer

- Certified Emergency Medical Technician

- U.S. Navy (20 years- retired)