R&R-Hold That Scene (R&R-HTS) is privately owned and operated, and is not affiliated with any law enforcement agency. The owners of R&R-HTS were previously partners while assigned to the Crime Scene Unit of the NYPD. During that period, Detectives Saenz and Bilella saw the need to improve forensic awareness and real world application of forensic science.

During the initial period following the occurrence of an incident (criminal, civil, accidental, act of nature, etc.) basic actions of first responders at the scene may preserve evidence that is in imminent danger of loss, damage, or destruction for utilization by responding investigators. Life and safety comes first, but when possible, first responders may be a vital factor in evidence preservation and the chain of custody.  HTS does not encourage first responders to interfere with potential investigations, but we are all on the same side and should  support each others mission. Deployment of R&R-HTS Forensic Incident Response System of  supply and training will impact future safety protocol, civil liability, and criminal prosecution by ensuring proper investigations.


In addition to Investigations, Robert Saenz and Robert Bilella also have extensive combined backgrounds in the Military, Fire Service, and Emergency Medical Service. Because of these varied experiences, R&R-HTS has the unique ability to identify where and how new applications of forensic technology and principles may be applied.

Who we are and what we do

Robert Saenz


Experience includes:

- Currently a NYS Licensed Private Investigator

- Detective investigator, Crime Scene Unit (NYPD) (Retired)

- NYS Supreme Court testimonial expert

- Firefighter; West Islip, NY

- New York State certified safety officer

- U.S. Navy (20 years- retired)

Robert Bilella

Vice President

Experience includes:

- Detective investigator, Crime Scene Unit (NYPD) (Retired)

- Promoted to Sergeant (NYPD) (Retired)

​- NYS Supreme Court testimonial expert

- Firefighter; West Islip, NY

- New York State recognized Fire Chief

​- Certified Emergency Medical Technician